16 Clever Renovating Tips to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

December 21st, 2017

Just because you’re living in a small apartment doesn’t mean you have to feel like you do. Finding a space for your essential items is harder, but not impossible. Don’t rush into moving in a bigger apartment. There are some things you can do to optimize your space and turn your house into a beautiful, cosy home.

We collected the best organizational tips you can implement to make your home stylish and visually bigger. These small space and storage solutions will help you maximize each corner of your house and create your dream space.

1. Remove clutter

Number one problem for every small apartment is the clutter. Hide the things you don’t use often and you’ll instantly find a difference. Toss away or donate the items you don’t use and have no value to you. Organize everything else in drawers and closets, out of sight, out of mind. Decluttering your home will not only make your home prettier, but it can also help you focus and be more productive.



2. Use lighter colours on walls and floors

The essential rule of renovating a small room with colour is to keep it light. Painting the walls in a light colour will open up the room. If your floor is lighter than your walls, the room tends to look like a box. The brighter the room is, the bigger it looks. This solves brighten up dark corners and reflect light all around the room. You can also use creative wallpapers or patterns for that purpose.



3. Set some green plants to complete your room

Adding a small indoor garden or just a vase of your favourite plant can change the whole look of the room. You can put a large plant on the floor, and smaller ones on the shelves. Plants have the possibility to instantly change the look of a room. Adding some green inside your house is a good idea because plants help clean the air and produce more oxygen.



4. Put shelves on the ceilings

Expand your storage and make a display of your items by adding floating shelves on the walls. This way you’ll have extra space for your books, frames and other small items. By putting away all the stuff that tends to gather around, you’ll ensure that your space will be calm and comfortable.



5. Bigger decorative accessories

Smaller accessories can make the room look crowded. Use a few large, simple pieces of furniture or accessories in place of several smaller pieces. A large vase or desk lamp will convey a final touch to the room without making it look cluttered.



6. Hidden storage in couches or chairs

Add extra storage to your room, by using furniture with more than one function. According to the experts at Henfield Storage, buying a bed in which you can store your winter clothes and blankets, or a couch where you can put items you don’t use daily, is an amazing idea to declutter your home and not getting rid of things you love.



7. Don’t put the furniture straight to the wall

Leaving an extra space behind your couch or armchairs will allow the furniture to breathe and not look like it’s stuck on the wall. Add a little counter where you can put decoration or even your glass of wine. This is a great tip for extra small space where you don’t have space for a coffee table. Breathing room around your furniture gives the impression of more space.



8. Use properly sized furniture

A big couch in a small room will “suck up” the whole room. Choosing the right size furniture it’s important so you can still have a room for storage and the room won’t look as small as it is.



9. Reflect as much light as possible

By adding a large mirror on the room opposite to the window, you’ll reflect the daylight into the whole room and this will make the room brighter and larger. You can add some shimmering objects as well to create a similar effect.



10. Divide areas

Use room dividers to separate different areas of your home. You will create the illusion of divided rooms without actually make the space even smaller by building a wall.



11. Match walls and curtains colours

Choose curtains in the colour of your walls. This will make them look blend and create the illusion of a larger space. Using contrast curtains will cut out space and will show in details where is the end of your room.



12. Use only one colour

Contrasting colours break up space. Using one colour for your room will blend the boundaries of the furniture and the objects, which can create an optical illusion for a bigger room. You can use different shades of colour.



13. Use furniture with exposed legs to make a room feel larger

Using furniture with thinner legs will create the illusion of empty space under them. If you use furniture that cuts the space and obscures what’s behind, the room looks smaller. Transparent and semi-transparent furniture such as glass tables and chairs have the same effect.



14. Use darker colours at the bottom of the room

You can use colours to create an optical illusion for a larger room. Use carpets and low furniture in darker colours, larger furniture with light tones and set on a bright ceiling.



15. Cosy corners

The corner shelves are ideal for small spaces and for turning the corner of the room into a cosy corner where you can read, write or draw. Add a small table, armchair and books and you’re done.



16. Clean windows

Clean windows let the light better through them. If your windows have spots on them, the whole room can become darker and gloomier.



It doesn’t matter how big your apartment looks if you don’t feel comfortable in it. All the changes you make should be in harmony with your taste and your wishes. not someone else.

If you still decide that your house is getting small for your family, you can use our end of lease cleaning service to be sure to get your bond money back from your landlord.

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