5 Things That Slow You Down When Doing Chores

September 10th, 2015

At Move Out Mates we take quite a lot of compliments for our work and one of the things that amazes people is how quick and efficient our cleaners are. Most people don’t believe that as one of the best cleaning companies in Sydney, we can turn a 1 bedroom flat spotless in just two hours, or less. The reason for this is because it takes them ages and it takes them ages because they do many little things that slow them down. Now, we would like to give something back and share a few tips and tricks to help you eliminate any obstacles.

#1 You attempt window cleaning on a sunny day

Nothing’s wrong with this. Don’t get us wrong – we are not trying to make you wash them on a rainy day, but if it is too hot, your cleaning detergent might dry too fast, actually faster than you can wipe. This mean streaks on your windows and more cleaning for you. Spring cleaning is a great time to do some cleaning as it will allow you to use a perfectly good day, that is not too hot, or too cold.

Things that slow cleaning down

#2 You wash dishes before you put them in the dishwasher

Removing the food left overs and scraping the dishes is okay, but rinsing and wiping each dish before you put it in the dishwasher is just a waste of time and energy.

#3 You, your family and your guests don’t remove shoes at the door

It may seem trivial, but taking your shoes off saves a lot of headaches later. Walking without your shoes is easier on your carpets and you don’t bring bacteria, dust and mud in. Taking shoes off means less cleaning and more free time for you.

#4 You don’t let the detergents sit for a few minutes

You think not waiting for the detergent to sit will make your job faster, but quite on the contrary it will just mean more scrubbing for you. The longer you wait for the detergent to sit on a problematic area, the easier it will be to wipe it clean afterwards with minimum effort (no sore arms the next day). In turn, this will also save you time.

#5 You haven’t come clean with your cleaners

Remember to share what these carpet stains are and to be honest with your tenancy cleaners. At Move Out Mates we always work with integrity and you can rest assured your secret is safe with us. If you tell us what the stains are from we can clean them quickly and effectively and your landlord doesn’t have to know. What slows the process down is when you are not entirely honest and we try a technique that doesn’t work on this type of stains.

If you need your house cleaned as a one off, or end of lease cleaning, we are the mates for the job! Give us a call: 02 9098 1740 and we will provide you with a free quote and an excellent service.

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