Prepare Your Home For The Holidays – Christmas Cleaning & Organizing Plan

December 6th, 2017


Christmas cleaning and organizing plan

Christmas is behind the corner and it’s time to pull out the decoration and spread the Holiday spirit around the house. Soon your house will be filled with family and friends. Before putting out the decoration, you need to thoroughly clean the house first. This way you can worry less about cleaning as the Holidays are coming closer and you can focus on spending quality time with your family. Here are the essential cleaning and organizing tasks to ensure yourself great holiday experience.

1. Start with decluttering and organizing

Declutter and organize your home from top to bottom, pay attention to every closet and cupboard and clear space for your decor. If you are going to invite over relatives for the celebration it will be smart to make some space in the closet. They will be bringing a lot of luggage and you don’t want them to block your hallway or your rooms.
If the things you want to throw away are in good condition, you can donate clothes and toys to a local charity organization.

2. Kitchen

Clean the oven, the fridge and other appliances you will use. When your guests arrive they will help themselves with food and drinks and probably they will want to help with the food preparation. Clean the counters as well. You want to have plenty of space

where your food will be prepared by you and your helpers. Clean your glasses and mugs in the dishwasher and give them a good rub to look really clean when your guests arrive. Organize and clean your coffee maker and the areas where you store your hot drinks like tea and cocoa, so they can be easily accessed by your quests. Vacuum and mop the floor.

3. Bathroom

As your guest arrives, your bathroom will be one of the most visited places. Help your guests feel comfortable in your home by giving a good clean to your bathroom. Pour some heavy cleaner into the toilet bowl and let it do its magic. Deep clean the shower. Don’t forget the plunger and the toilet brush. Clean the mirrors to get rid of toothpaste splashes, fingerprints and water circles. Refill all of the soap dispensers and change the towels.Clean and organize the cupboards and the shelves. Wash the tiles. Vacuum and mop the floor. Put some towels on an easy to find place for your guest.

4. Living room

This is the room you should give a really deep clean. This is the place where the Christmas tree and most of the decoration is placed and this is the place where you’ll spend most of your days during the holidays. Dusting all surfaces with a cloth will make the room looks fresh and clean. Pay attention to the corners and to the areas you want to put your decoration. Clean the sofa and the decorative pillows and blankets as well. Clean the carpets and vacuum and mop the floor.

Person holding a Christmas gift, Christmas tree

5. Entrance

It’s really important to clean your entrance way. That is the place where your guests create their first impression as soon as they walk in the house. Dust all of the shelves and cabinets. Put away the things you don’t use often to make room for the coats, shoes and luggage of your quests. Vacuum and clean the floor. Don’t forget to clean or replace the welcome mat.

6. Organize your Christmas

Plan the meals. Start an inventory of your freezer, refrigerator and pantries. Keep track of your assets by creating a list of your products. Plan a Holiday menu and create a list of products you need to buy.
Create lists of gift ideas for your siblings. Organize your thoughts by putting your gift ideas in a list of paper. This way you can be sure you’re not missing anyone important.
Plan your spending. Knowing what you’ll be cooking for Christmas and what gifts you should buy will help you plan your finance well and not being broke this Holidays.
Wrap the gifts. Make a wrapping station in your house. Include your family and have fun together while wrapping gifts for relatives.
Decorate! Part of the fun of Christmas is enjoying the holiday decorations. Turn it into a fun family activity. You can even create competitions for the best-decorated area, the best 3D paper snowflake etc.

Time to celebrate! The Holidays are here, so welcome the family and friends in your clean and organized home. Make the most of your time with them and stop worrying about the things you didn’t have time to do.

Wrapping Christmas gifts

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