8 Cleaning Tips to Help You Transform Your Home After the Holidays

January 3rd, 2018

After Party Cleaning Tips



The Holidays has come to an end. Hosting a big party can be a blast, the food and the wine are excellent, the dances, the conversation with your friends, we’re sure you had a lot of fun. But after the party is over, you wake up to a big mess which needs to be tackled. We’re sure spending your day cleaning is the last thing you want to do, but we prepared some great tips which can ease your experience.

If someone from the guests asks you if they can help, just let them. Everything will be so much easier if you have extra hands for help. Make yourself a strong coffee or tea and follow these tips which can help you to focus on the most important things and make your home in order in no time.


1. Take out the trash

First, you need to prepare big garbage bags. Start moving around the rooms where the guests were and collect the garbage. You can prepare three garbage bags for a different kind of trash and make sure to recycle the glass, paper and plastic in different containers.


2. Use this time to get rid of what you don’t need.

We’re sure you get some great new gifts from your friends and family. But you may not need two sets of water glasses. You can toss away old ones or donate them. You can also transform them into vases, cute accessories or personalized gifts. There is no need for you to store old items if you got new ones.

Glass jars


3. Check for broken glass

Check for broken glasses and plates. The last thing you want is to injure yourself with a piece of glass. If they are any broken glasses, sweep the bigger pieces. After that use a piece of bread to make sure all of the tiny glasses are removed from the floor and countertops.


4. Check the carpets and the furniture for stains

Before moving to the actual cleaning, make a thorough check of your furniture and carpets for stains. The faster you find them, the easier it will be for you to clean them. If you do notice stains you can use a quick baking soda + vinegar stain removal. Leave the liquid to do its magic and move forward to the next thing.


5. Leftovers

You probably have a leftover food from the party. If you didn’t give away some of the leftovers to the guests, you can invite them to a coffee and give something to everyone or you can throw a second dinner party to eat the food and have some more fun. You can freeze the leftovers by putting them in an aluminium foil and zipped bag. You can also freeze the leftover wine and use it for cooking. Donate some of it to a local shelter if you prepared a lot of food and most of it didn’t even leave the cooker. Whatever you decided to do, reducing the waste of food will make you feel proud of yourself.


6 Dishes

If you have greasy stains on the dishes you can soak them up in baking soda and water, heat it up and leave them to soak up for around an hour then clean them with dish soap and warm water.
If you have a dishwasher, good, you’re saved. However, there are items you need to be aware that it’s not the best idea to put them in the dishwasher like crystal, plastic items and coated mugs. Be sure to check every item you put on for labels with glue. They can clog or broke your dishwasher. Not to mention if they melt in the dishwasher it can be a huge mess with the other dishes.
After you’re done, if you have a bad smell coming from the disposal simply run citrus peels through it followed by cold water to get rid of any odours.

Dirty dishes in a sink


7. Tackle the surfaces

With the garbage and dirty dishes out of the way, it’s time to take care of surfaces like coffee and dining tables, countertops and buffets. Most of the surfaces will be good with a cloth and detergent. If you find sticky spots, dried on the surface, make a hot compress by soaking a sponge in hot water and pushing it against the spill until the compress loses its heat. Repeat as much as needed until the spill loosens and can be quickly cleared away.


8. Vacuum and clean floors

If they were any stains on the carpets treated with vinegar and baking soda, check them if they’re fully dry. If they are, proceed with the vacuuming. Be sure to check for small items like peanuts and coins. Those can really damage your vacuum cleaner. Remove all of this objects, then continue with the vacuuming and the cleaning of the carpets.


carpet cleaning with vacuum cleaner


Do you still have a hangover?

As good as the above tips are, why do this to yourself when you can have a lazy day nursing your hangover while eating leftovers and watching a favourite movie? Call a professional one off cleaning service to do the job for you and enjoy the last days of your break while having a spotless home without any effort.

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