Do You Have Everything for This Year’s Spring Cleaning?

September 18th, 2015

Spring has sprung and that only means one thing! Time for a spring cleaning! Yes, spring cleaning is to be taken seriously, especially if you live in a rented property. It is a time to turn the whole house inside out and to evaluate the damage that has been done. Spring cleaning is also a great time to check on the walls and furniture for scratches and unsightly stains and take action before the end of your lease comes.

Surely the wintry climate has seen enough dirt, grime and dust build up in some corners of your house. The earlier you you address these the easier you will get rid of them. So, what you need to pull off a thorough spring clean?

#1 The Right Tools and Equipment

You can’t clean the bathroom with the window cleaning detergent and it’s not safe to use vinegar for absolutely everything. Also don’t even think of mixing and matching oven cleaner with the carpet cleaning. In other words every area and every corner of your home requires individual approach and all the right tools and detergents. Some of the most used ones would be:

  • Duster;
  • Rubber gloves;
  • Oven, carpet, window and bathroom and wood cleaning solution;
  • Wet cleaning wipes, suitable for all surfaces;
  • MIcrofiber mitts
  • 4 Gallon Bucket and a mop;
  • Squeegee Scrubber
  • Resealable plastic bags (to sort items)
  • Rubbish bin bags;
  • Washcloths;
  • Magic Eraser;
  • Polishing Cleanser;
  • Bleach;
  • Vinegar and baking soda;
  • Clothespins

#2 The Right Spring Cleaning Plan and Checklist

Make a plan what you want to do and be realistic as to how much time it may take you. Spring cleaning is not a one-person job and can’t all happen in one day, if you really want to be thorough. For this reason make a checklist of the most problematic areas you want to cover, plan your cleaning sessions and make sure you take regular breaks to eat and drink and to just be able to relax a bit.

Don’t make the mistake to follow ready-made spring cleaning checklists from the Internet. Everyone uses different cleaning techniques and has his own tempo and his own house. Listen to your home and your inner tempo. Someone else’s bathroom may be filthier and in need for more time and attention. Cleaning yours may be a breeze!

#3 The right helpers

If time is tight, get the right helpers. No one can pull an entire spring cleaning single-handedly and for this reason it is a great idea to just give professional one off cleaners a call. It is mind blowing how fast they go through the chores when they are experienced and know their way around the cleaning solutions.

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Hope that helps! Happy cleaning and if you need help, do not hesitate to give our cleaners a call: 02 9098 1740.