End of Tenancy Letter Templates

May 3rd, 2017

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Changing your address is stressful enough as it is. Packing, organising possessions, end of lease cleaning, the move itself. And amidst all of that, you will have to notify your landlord. Especially if you are cutting your tenancy short. This is why we prepared these end of tenancy letter templates for you.

Additionally if you’re a landlord who needs to notify his tenants to vacate the premises we have a handy template for you too.

These letters have to be delivered either personally, by mail, or by fax. For this reason we are putting the printable PDF files here for download.

Notice of Tenancy End – Click to download template.

This letter is used to notify your landlord that you will be leaving the property at the end of the period on which you agreed upon. It must be delivered at least 14 days in advance in accordance with the 2010 Residential Tenancies Act.

notice of tenancy end template letter

Notice Of Premature Leaving – Click to download template.

In case you need to leave the property earlier than the end of your contract. The letter must include the reason for your early vacating of the tenement. It doesn’t have to be there in a particular time frame, but is best to notify your landlord at least a month before leaving day for better coordination.

notice of premature leaving letter template

Notice of Tenancy Agreement Termination – Click to download template.

The last template is for the landlords. As with the previous two templates, the letter must be delivered either by hand, post, fax, or any other physical method to be valid. The notice period varies depending on the reason of eviction and is noted inside the template itself.

notice of tenancy termination letter template

You can find more sample letters and useful information for tenants on www.tenants.org.au