Essential FAQS About Granny Flats That You Need to Know

November 26th, 2020

If you are planning to construct a granny flat on your property here, we have listed some essential FAQS about them. These FAQS will make sure that all your queries are resolved, and your project completes hassle-free.

10 FAQS About Granny Flats

1. What is the minimum size required to construct a granny flat?

You will need a minimum of 450m2 block of land to build such a flat. Even if you have more space, you will have to ensure that you follow the regulations limit. These flats may range from 50 to 100 square meters maximum. The size of these flats will depend on your local council.

2. What do you mean by attached granny flat?

It is a flat that is constructed in a way that it is attached to the main house. In simple words, it’s an extension of the main house. This gives you an idea of better space optimization.

3. How long will it take to construct such flat?

If you need to hire a professional builder, an expert in this house, your project will complete within 20 weeks. Designing of the flat might take 2 to 4 weeks. Approvals and permissions can take around 6 to 12 weeks, and then the construction work begins. If you take help of licenced and accredited private certifier, you might get the approval within ten days only and thus your weeks of construction will reduce too.

4. What is the minimum cost required to build these flats?

Cost of Granny flats depends on your intentions and the size. The cost can vary from pay $81,000 to $120,000. This cost is including electricity, slab and plumbing installation. The bigger the flat size, the higher is the cost.

5. Will these flats increase the value of my property?

Yes, these flats can increase the value of your property up to 20 to 25%. But you will have to make sure that they comply with the council regulation and guidelines.

6. Do we need to pay a separate council tax for a granny house?

No, they are exempt from Granny Annexe Council Tax. Meaning you are not required to pay any council tax for such houses if any of your dependent relatives are living there. But if you put your flat on rent, then you might have to pay the tax. To confirm you will have to check with your council or property advisor because such laws are different for all the states.

7. Do we need to take council approval NSW to construct a granny flat?

You will not need any flat approval if you are a residential homeowner and if you are constructing the flat on your property within minimum requirements. There are different building guidelines that you need to follow when you hire the commercial builders and go for constructing the granny flats.

8. Is it possible to construct two floors granny flats?

Yes, you can construct a two-storey flat if you have a rear yard of ten meters or more.

9. Can I build one more such flat on my property if I already own one on the same property?

No as per the regulations you can only build one such flat on your property.

10. Is it possible to sell or subdivide these flats?

No as per the council it can have only one title, and they can’t be sold or subdivided.

So, these were some of the essential Granny Flats FAQS that any homeowner in Australia must know before he starts to build these flats. When constructing these flats, don’t forget to hire the best builder in your area. Talk to a commercial builder online and then discuss the actual rate that is needed to construct the flat, and also what will be the total price of each granny flat construction.

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