How To Make a Rented Property Your Own

June 29th, 2015

One of the worst things about rented properties, besides, the cheap carpets, unappealing paint, IKEA furniture and ‘no-hooks-on-the-walls’ rule, is that for all these reasons, they are very difficult to turn into a more domestic and cosy place. The good news is that, there are easy ways to decorate the place without breaking the bank and without drilling a single hole.

A useful tip when decorating a rented property: Always ask first. If you are planning to undertake a decorating project – ask your landlord first. It’s never worth risking your deposit over something minor and totally avoidable such as a hole on the wall. If there is something you are really desperate for, ask your landlord and clearly state your arguments as to why you need it and why it will benefit the rented house/flat.

In most cases the landlord wouldn’t mind if it will add to the value of the property. What they will be sceptical about is if you try to do it all by yourself. Plus, they would feel better to hire a professional to do it, rather than just leave you to it. It’s kind of the same when the end of your lease is approaching and you need professional end of lease cleaners. Now, when so much as at stake (a chunky bond), you would trust qualified professionals wouldn’t you?

How Are You To Turn Your Rented Property into a Home?

Spruce Up The Walls. If you are not sure how to bring your personality into an empty rented property, forget about permanent fixtures and, instead of drilling holes in the walls, use high quality adhesive hooks that can easily be removed from the walls. Now you can put on display family photographs, artwork and other items. There are different shapes and sizes depending on the weight of the item.

Use portable lighting solutions

Leave the ceiling lights as they are and focus on floor and table lamps that can not only brighten up the place, but can add personality to each room. Instead of thinking how to replace the stuff your landlord bought, find the pieces you like and work with what you have. Add the lamps to accent on the good features. If there is a room that is too small, place a mirror across your favourite features and a lamp to enhance them. This will not only add depth to the room, but a lovely and cosy ambiance.

Use different textiles

If your new home isn’t warm and cosy as you wish it was use area rugs, carpets, cushions and blankets. If you have a really ugly dark brown leather couch,that doesn’t fit in with the pink walls, throw a purple cover – add a few throw pillows of a different shade. For the floor add a warm, chunky area rug. Do the same for every room.

Add a touch of nature

Indoor plants really go a long way when it comes to making a place look lively and domestic. Use empty and dull corners to add flowers. Use flowers as centre pieces for tables.

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