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Priorities to Take Care of When Moving to a New House

December 6th, 2019

Spending the first day in your new home is priceless. However, before you get to enjoy your new space, you need to move from your old house, pack all your possessions and transport them to your new property—this is the most physically and mentally demanding task in many people’s lives and there’s no one in Read More »

10 End of Lease Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid Doing

January 18th, 2018

  Cleaning in general, may not be hard or something technical, but mistakes happen. If you’re a tenant, you must avoid making those mistakes if you want to please your landlord with the condition of the apartment when you’re moving out. In our work, as an end of lease cleaning specialists, we see common mistakes, Read More »

The Ultimate Moving Out Checklist: 44 Things You Need To Clean

November 1st, 2017

You’ve found your new happy place and now you’re ready to move out of your apartment. You have everything packed up and you’re ready to go. Well, not so fast! Before you leave for good, you better spend some time cleaning and repairing. This way you can be sure you will get your bond money Read More »

Clean Windows Like a Pro

March 15th, 2017
nate holding cleaning tools with crossed arms

  Cleaning windows can be a tad gimmicky, especially if you are doing it to get your security deposit back. From streaks to cloudy glass, it’s definitely persnickety. But worry not! We are here to share our method with you and hopefully make your life easier. Tools This is everything you need for an efficient Read More »

Matt’s End Of Lease House Moving Tips

October 18th, 2016
matt with crossed arms

  Relocations can be overwhelming because you don’t have to deal with them on a daily basis, and if you’re lucky – Not at all. The process itself is not rocket science, but the devil is in the details that you might overlook. Matt’s M.O.V.E. system will help you make the process easier, so read Read More »

Cleaning Tips for Home Sellers

October 6th, 2015
Sold Home

It’s an universal truth that estate agents don’t really sell houses – houses pretty much sell themselves, given they have a good location and are in a generally good condition. Any estate agent that tells you otherwise doesn’t really deserve your commission. That being said, a few things are very important to remember when selling Read More »

Do You Have Everything for This Year’s Spring Cleaning?

September 18th, 2015
Sping Cleaning

Spring has sprung and that only means one thing! Time for a spring cleaning! Yes, spring cleaning is to be taken seriously, especially if you live in a rented property. It is a time to turn the whole house inside out and to evaluate the damage that has been done. Spring cleaning is also a Read More »

What Makes a Great Lease Cleaner

August 21st, 2015
What Makes a Great Cleaner

Recently at Move Out Mates we reflected a lot on what has been done in the past two years, where we are now and how we can continue to grow and improve our work to ensure our future clients are as happy as our previous. That being said, we tried to identify what makes a Read More »

To Buy Or Not To Buy A House

August 11th, 2015
To Buy Or Not To Buy a Home

It’s been a buyers market in Australia for the time being, but is that the only good reason to own a home? ​ In our previous blog post named: “To Rent, or Not To Rent”, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of renting. Now is the time to examine buying and take into an account Read More »

To Rent or Not To Rent

August 6th, 2015
To rent or not to rent

As most existential questions the one of buying and renting is not an easy one to answer either. It is by no means a straightforward decision to make and what makes matters worse is that every choice you make brings consequences. Quite frankly unless you have a house to inherit the situation is: “Damned if Read More »