Natural Stone Pavers: Cost Vs Durability

March 23rd, 2021

Pavers are useful in creating driveways, patios, decks and several other surfaces. There are several options available to homeowners searching for the best paving material. Some of the popular material includes natural stone like marble, brick, concrete, flagstone, porcelain, rubber, plastic etc. The brick pavers are available in various shapes and colours but are fragile, chip easily and require regular maintenance. The concrete pavers are also available in various colours and are cheaper, however, they crack easily, require frequent resealing and also tend to fade.

It is not uncommon to be confused about which material to select for your pavers since there are so many available. Several homeowners opt for natural stone pavers since these are strong; there are many pavers suppliers in Melbourne to provide assistance for this. This article helps homeowners decide which is the best paver for them after considering several factors including the cost, quality of the material and its durability.

Pavers – Cost, durability & quality

Pavers are highly effective when it comes to adding a touch of class to your house. It improves the aesthetics and value of your house. With so many options it is often tough to decide which one is best for you like natural stone, brick or concrete since they are all available in various styles and colours. A good rule to follow when trying to decide is to consider the budget, where you intend to use it and the main reason for doing so. Here are several pavers listed to help you make the decision:

Natural stone:

  • Marble slabs in Melbourne can be useful to use as pavers besides which limestone, travertine, bluestone are also popular.
  • They cost more than brick and concrete pavers, on other hand are stronger and more durable.
  • It is perfect for pool decks since it is absorbent.
  • As far as maintenance is concerned, they require very little and are also not affected by harsh weather conditions.
  • They are long-lasting and do not need replacing for generations.


  • Available in various styles, colours and textures.
  • Strong and stain-resistant material.
  • Additional sealants can be used to prevent fading.
  • Comparatively less expensive than natural stone pavers.
  • Durable, long-lasting for decades.
  • Brick pavers tend to be more fragile and chip or crack easily.
  • It is easy to clean and is eco-friendly.


  • It is often made from mixed aggregate moulded in concrete.
  • Various colour options, styles and patterns.
  • Easy to seal making it strong and durable.
  • Allows water to drain easily since it has small gaps.
  • This is easy to install, is cheaper than bricks and is also durable.
  • It can sustain extreme temperatures and will crack easily.
  • It has comparatively short longevity.

Benefits of opting for natural stone pavers

There are many benefits of opting for natural stone pavers in Melbourne. They offer timeless elegance and can be captivating when installed on the patio. They are low maintenance and also age beautifully. The installation process is simpler than that of concrete and they also work out to be a better investment since it will last for generations.

Natural stone pavers are eco-friendly and sustainable. They are not affected by the harsh weather conditions and are easy to clean as well. It is ideal for hot weather conditions as well as cold. They add value to your property with a unique blend of colours and tones. It is a good idea to contact a stone supplier in Melbourne for the installation of natural stone pavers like marble and limestone.