Poisons Under The Sink – Commercial Cleaning Detergents

July 9th, 2015

Cleaning as straightforward as it is, is not always safe! In fact, nowadays, more than ever, we use heavy-duty chemicals and solutions and we keep them under the sink like no-biggie. The problem with that is that they are DANGEROUS! They are dangerous to us and they are dangerous to some of the most vulnerable members of our family – children and pets. 

When it comes to picking and storing cleaning detergents you need to know them WELL.

1. Read the labels. “Caution” “Warning” and “Danger”. Are these familiar to you? I am sure they are, because you have one of these at each and every bottle you keep for washing windows, bathroom, washing the dishes etc. “Caution” means that an ounce to a pint is dangerous for you and may be fatal if swollen. “Warning” warns you that a teaspoon is fatal if swollen or absorbed by the skin and my favourite “Danger”… “Danger” means a taste to a teaspoon could be fatal. And then we wonder where the headaches and dizziness come from… Now are you convinced that you MUST at any price keep these away from your kids, so far away that probably the trash can is best!

2. Bleach, ammonia, chlorine. These are all strong cleaning detergents that you should be careful with. Not only they are dangerous when swollen, but they have strong fumes that can irritate your airways, trigger asthma and cause headache, dizziness and basically make you sick in your stomach! Careful when mixing. If you put bleach in a toilet where you keep a standard duck, you are in for a “treat” The mixing of these two results in fumes that are very close to a gas that was used in WW1. Fire in the hole-e-e!

3. Air fresheners are also associated with allergies and air pollution. Did you know the air indoors is around 200% more polluted than the air on the outside.

Our end of lease cleaners aim to remove even the toughest stains, spills and dirt marks with gentle and natural cleaning detergents that do not harm you and your family! If you need a thorough cleaning, but are not sure who to trust, give us a call now: