Priorities to Take Care of When Moving to a New House

December 6th, 2019

Spending the first day in your new home is priceless. However, before you get to enjoy your new space, you need to move from your old house, pack all your possessions and transport them to your new property—this is the most physically and mentally demanding task in many people’s lives and there’s no one in this world how enjoys it.

But, if you take care of your essentials, the entire process can be much smoother.

Here are the priorities to pay attention to when moving to a new house.

Clean up

To move into a new house, you need to take care of hygiene issues.

Both your old and new properties need cleaning if you want to get your deposit or prepare your old house for sale. The best thing you can do is hire professionals to handle your cleaning chores with zero mistakes—you already have enough things to take care of without cleaning and scrubbing.

Consider Move Out Mates for:

Once your old property is clean, you can go over to your new house and make some finishing touches, especially if the house has been on the market for a longer time.

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Check for leaks and electrical issues

It’s smart to handle all your repairs before you set up your rooms. While your home inspector probably checked all of your fixtures already, it’s not a bad idea to double-check.

Check all taps and toilets for leaks and try every outlet and switch.

In case you run into any issues, you can handle them without all the furniture getting in your way.

Set up your new bedroom

Moving is hard work that will leave you exhausted so have a comfy and warm place to rest after you spend hours hauling boxes and moving furniture around. If you think your old bed is not worthy to grace your new space, make your new bed the first investment into your new house.

You can find amazing bed models on the market today, all beautiful and comfortable.

However, if you’re short on space, it’s best to opt for a practical bed with drawers that will offer you comfort for snoozing and hidden storage space for your linen and out-of-season clothing. This will free up some space in your closet while still providing you with ultimate coziness.

Ensure your utilities are ready for use

No matter if you’re moving to the next street, next town or a new country, you will need to set up utilities because your current supplier might not provide services for your area. Keep in mind that disconnecting and reconnecting utilities can take some time, so do this in advance or as soon as possible. Spending the first night in your new home in the dark and without the Internet can be a huge bummer, so try your best to avoid it.

Find your main water valve and circuit breaker

In case of a plumbing and electrical emergency, you will need to know how to turn off your electricity and water supply. Your main valve is usually in the basement or somewhere outside your home while your circuit breaker box hides somewhere utility areas (basement, laundry room, garage, utility closet). Get to know how they work and you will react quickly in case of an emergency.

Change the locks

There’s no way you can know who has keys to your house, so changing the locks should be one of your biggest priorities. If you don’t have time to get your locks changed or re-keyed, you can grab a few deadbolts for as little as $10 and install them yourself on all entrance points. This will give you extra security until you get to your actual locks. As you relax from unpacking, you can also check into some home security systems.

Once you do everything from this list, you will feel exhausted but totally at home in your new place. Safety and comfort always come first, so get your priorities straight and have a lovely move!