Property Maintenance – How Much Does It Cost?

March 16th, 2021

Property maintenance is a cost that every property owner needs to keep in mind; this is especially true for businesses in high rise buildings. The cost of the maintenance can vary and largely depends on the type of property and repair work necessary. Regular maintenance is essential to prevent minor issues from escalation and becoming a major disaster. Keeping an apartment in good conditions means the landlord can also increase the rent on the building.

Besides which an attractive building is likely to attract more tenants as well. It is also essential for a business to engage in routine maintenance. It is a good way to ensure the employees are happy and create a good impression on the clients and visitors. Regular maintenance is also better for the health and safety of the employees besides which will also work out more economically. This article goes on to explain what to expect when it comes to building maintenance in Sydney.

Factors to consider for the cost of building maintenance services in Sydney

The cost of your building maintenance will largely depend on the type of property. Some of the other factors affecting the cost of the maintenance are listed here:

  • Some of the maintenance tasks include basic inspection, minor repair work, strata maintenance, etc. Such minor repairs will usually not cost more than $300.
  • The type of maintenance will directly affect the costs. The popular types of maintenance include routine, preventive, corrective, cosmetic and deferred maintenance.
  • Regular maintenance will include routine inspections, cleaning and minor repairs which is likely to be quite economical for a business.
  • Preventive maintenance is something is inspection, replacement of minor items and minor fixing to ensure no major repair work arises.
  • Corrective maintenance is necessary in the case where a property is neglected for too long; This type of repairs tends to be costly since it can mean major replacement or repair.
  • The location of the property is one of the other factors affecting the cost. For example, the rates in Victoria and New South Wales happen to be higher than that in Queensland and South Australia.
  • The type of building like whether it is a place of business, residential complex, strata building, Government building will make a major difference in the cost of maintenance.
  • Opting for a firm that offers a wide range of services can help keep costs low.
  • The technical expertise and type of service play a major role in keeping costs low as well. For example, firms that use the rope access method need to spend less on equipment and technical help.
  • Rope access is easier to set up and also more cost-effective.
  • One of the main factors that affect a high rise is weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions adversely affect our buildings. This is more applicable to tall buildings.
  • The taller the building the more expensive it is likely to conduct the maintenance; for example, maintenance work like washing or minor repairs will cost more for a 15 story building than for a 5 story building.

Seeking help from professional high rise painters

It is a good practice to trust professionals when it comes to the maintenance of a high-rise apartment or commercial building. Seeking help from professionals is a good method of ensuring a flawless finish to your project. This also includes the maintenance work of a Strata complex where residents might be struggling with the issue of moss, mould or fungus. Bird droppings and minor external maintenance is often an issue as well. The expert technicians can perform a wide range of services like inspection, repair, maintenance and high rise painting in Sydney. This includes accessing hard to reach places as well, using special equipment for pressure cleaning and ensuring the painting and repair work is conducted by technicians specially trained for the job.