Student Living and The Problem of Cleaning

May 21st, 2015

Most of us have been through university and we know what a typical student accommodation looks like. Dishes and bread crumbs on the bed, clothes on the ground, cans on the desk and all types of other unidentifiable substances everywhere else.

End of Lease Cleaning

When this goes on for a long period of time, though, it can make lease cleaning a bit of a nightmare.You haven’t forgot you have a deposit to pick up from your landlord, have you? In such a case, here are a few tips how to handle your first lease cleaning.

Hire The Pro’s

Every reasonable landlord who respects his property would like to see it in its optimal condition and professional lease cleaners just know how to do things faster and better. At Move Out Mates, we offer a 72-hour guarantee you will get your deposit back. This means you don’t risk losing a huge chunk of your deposit for not cleaning properly.

Preventative cleaning

  • It is advisable to vacuum clean your room once a week and wash your sheets at least once every fortnight.
  • Try keep the windows and microwave in good condition.
  • Clean as spots and stains occur – we know it is very tempting to leave a mess in the kitchen, especially when you are hungry and you’ve spent hours cooking, but trust me dried up food leftovers are not something you would want on your hands later on, or ever really.

Come Clean With Your Cleaners

If you have made a carpet/sofa/wall stain so horrible your best efforts were not enough to make it disappear, come clean with your lease cleaners. Seriously, hiding stains isn’t cool! Whatever you have going on, chances are they have seen worse. Tell your cleaners what are the areas you are most worried about and they will find the proper solution.

Image Credit: Pixabay