What Is End of Lease Cleaning and is It Worth My Money?

May 20th, 2015

The last thing people want to bother with during a relocation is indeed the lease cleaning. Like it isn’t enough that you have to think about packing and hiring removalists, but now you have to worry about the cleanliness of a home you couldn’t even bother cleaning while you lived in it. As much as you dread doing it, though, there is no way around it.

At Move Out Mates, we are professionals that specialize in move out cleaning and offer high quality of service to a standard that will please even the most notoriously strict landlord.

What is End of Lease Cleaning?

An end of lease cleaning means you will get your rented property scrubbed from top to bottom including toilet, bathroom, oven and stove tops. It is the process of basically erasing all signs you lived there. This way the landlord will be able to offer the place for viewing and eventually a new family will move in and they won’t have to clean up your mess. We will do that for you. Both of you. For this reason, end of lease cleaning is required by the majority of landlords and has become an essential obstacle to getting your deposit back. Usually, you will get the rental bond after the cleaning has been completed and the property is returned to them in the same sparkling state in which you first found it.

End of Lease Cleaning

What Do I Get in Return For My Money?

You may ask yourself what the difference between a professional exit cleaning and your cleaning is. This is a valid question. On one side, our lease cleaners are in a possession of a detailed checklist – a product of years of experience, that will guarantee no corner is neglected. In our checklist, we tackle all problematic areas of your home, that usually make landlords shout in content: “A-ha! You missed a spot!” Well, not this time, Mr. Landlord! Not this time! Our profound checklist covers it all, so there is nothing your landlord can pick on and deduct from your deposit. To top that our cleaners are well-trained and co-ordinated and will do it all in just a fraction of the time you would’ve spent for cleaning. Don’t forget you have more packing to do too!

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