How to Spot Unprofessionals

August 4th, 2017

Nate going down a checklist

There’s nothing shameful in using a cleaning company. We live in hectic times and everyone needs to know how to make time for themselves. How do you know however that your service of choice is good? How can you figure it out from the start? As a company with experience, we’ve spent our fair share of time observing the market. The tell-tale signs are always there. We’ve boiled it down to five simple questions to ask yourself to find out whether you’ve booked professionals or two kids in a trench coat posing as cleaners.

What impression did they leave over the phone? 

This is may look like nitpicking but the details are ever so important. A lot can be told about the company by the voice of the person picking up their phone. An upbeat friendly and responsive operator is infinitely more likely to schedule and book your cleaning without a hitch, rather than a lethargic drone who’s probably sitting with a hand around his unmentionables. The sound quality is something to take into account two.

ham radio

“The only service offering Ham Radio as well as Morse Code booking. Beep us today!”

We have a designated customer support center, that works every day of the year. Not to brag but, if the company you are considering to book has one, instead of the cleaners themselves picking up the phone while doing 3 different things simultaneously – Isn’t that better?

Are they late?

Professionals follow their graphic to the tee. We of course don’t mean you should be standing in front of your home, stopwatch in hand, like you are coaching them for the regionals. But if they’re more than 5 minutes late (Hey. Traffic happens.), that can be a red flag.

hand holding stopwatch

The harder you stare the slower they’ll come.

In our opinion they should even arrive a few minutes early to set up equipment and take a look around the place to figure out if any furniture moving should be done. An additional mark of excellency is how much of your time they are willing to waste.

Is their vehicle clean?

No cleaning company worth their salt will show up in a dusty rustbucket. This is often a problem having to do with contractors, but the point stands none the less. People who don’t care what the first impression they make will be, are liable to apply the same care to your home. This is about attitude, not aptitude.

old dirty car

“Honey, I told you not to call Hipster Cleaning Co!” – “But it’s supposed to be ironic, dear!”

 This might seem nitpicky too, but it’s a showcase of how high the standards are. Which brings me to:

Do they wear uniforms?

One of the best signs whether you should take the service seriously or not. And how serious the company takes itself. That’s not to mean you have to expect something elaborate. A neat polo shirt with the company logo or at the least presentable attire, in lieu of a tank top and dirty sketchers. What does this have to do with cleaning?


This may be a bit much.

An established business always pays attention to the impression they leave with the client. If they weren’t good at what they did, they wouldn’t be such. Sometimes enterprises start big from the get go. Which does not necessarily mean they are not good.

How fast do they work?

This may seem like a contradictory statement on our part, but working fast isn’t always the best. Some contractors will try to seem busy and storm trough all the rooms just to get payed and be done with the job, without giving a second thought if they did any actual cleaning.

three cleaners giving the thumbs up

“We sprayed Febreeze all around so we should be done.”

Wasting time and giving details their just due isn’t the same thing. It’s really easy to tell when someone is having a lend of you in lieu of just making sure they’ll leave the house spic and span. The real professionals know that client satisfaction is the most important part of the service, that keep them coming back and giving you their business.