How to Steam Clean Carpeting by Yourself

November 15th, 2017

How to steam clean carpeting by yourself


The Holidays are behind the corner and many householders are starting to prepare to welcome guests in their houses. If you are wondering how to deep clean your carpet, you should consider steam clean it. This method is eco-friendly – no chemicals are involved in the process. All your carpets will be clean and disinfect just by using hot water and soap.

Not every type of carpet is suitable for steam cleaning. Be sure to check the type of your carpet before proceeding. Search for a label on the back of the carpet for more information about the type of your carpet and how to treat it.

The main types of carpets are defined by the way the fibers are attached to their backing.

Barber carpets have very tightly weaving fibers and it takes a lot of time to dry completely because of that. If you have this kind of carpet don’t clean it by yourself. It’s best to get it clean by a professional company who uses high-temperature steam cleaning or dry foam cleaning.

Standard pile carpets are the most common kind of carpet and are suitable for home cleaning if you think you can do it by yourself. The waves aren’t very tight so the cleaning process is a lot easier.

Shag carpets are the most difficult to clean because of their long fibers. You better bring the carpet to a professional company to prevent harm to the fibers and ensure they are clear from dirt and bacteria.


Types and styles of carpet:

Cut Pile 

  • Plush
  • Textured
  • Saxony
  • Frieze
  • Cable

Loop Pile

  • Level Loop or Berber
  • Patterned Multi-Level Loop
  • Cut and Loop


If you are worried about your steam machine’s guaranty or you are not sure what is the type of your carpet, probably it will be for the best to hire professional carpet cleaning company to do the job.


Vacuum before steam cleaning

Steam cleaners are not vacuum machines. They are washing the carpet, not dusting it. First, you need to vacuum the floor thoroughly before proceeding. You can read here more information about how to properly clean your carpet at home.


Prepare the room for the cleaning

Before starting to steam clean, you need to remove all the furniture from your carpet. This way you will be able to clean larger surface and it will be a lot easier for you to work with the machine. If you can’t remove the furniture we suggest you secure the edges touching the floor with stretch or aluminium foil. This way you will protect them from absorbing moisture and damaging them.

Tip: We always suggest testing the cleaning product you plan to use on a small, hidden area. This way you don’t risk damaging your carpet with a product that’s not right for it.


Operate the steam cleaner

Step 1. Fill the steam cleaner’s container with hot water. Even if your machine has a heating mechanism, this will lighten the work process. Use water as hotter as possible, without actually being boiling. Don’t overfill the water container. Search for a maximum fill line on your steamer.

Step 2. Add soap. Different steam cleaners usually use a specific detergent. Read the machine’s instructions first. Again, search for a max line and make sure you only use the amount directed. If you put too much soap, it will stay on the carpet.

Step 3. Steam clean the entire carpet. Start from a corner as far away as possible from the door you’re going to exit the room. You don’t want to step on the carpet once you clean it. Move the machine slowly to let it work. Push and pull it as it’s directed on the instruction. It’s best if you’re moving from wall to wall and make big lines, finding your way to the exit. If there is still soap on the carpet, you can repeat the moves.

Step 4. Let the carpet dry completely. Leave the windows open for at least 12 hours to help the process.


Time, our lifestyle and our pets can make carpets extremely dirty without us noticing it. That’s why it’s essential to wash the carpeting regularly, without waiting for it to look dirty.

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