Matt’s End Of Lease House Moving Tips

October 18th, 2016


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Relocations can be overwhelming because you don’t have to deal with them on a daily basis, and if you’re lucky – Not at all. The process itself is not rocket science, but the devil is in the details that you might overlook. Matt’s M.O.V.E. system will help you make the process easier, so read on.

Make A Smart Choice

Choosing a removals company in today’s market can be tedious task. Read customer reviews to find out which are most dependable. They will be handling your stuff after all. A good combination of end of lease cleaning and removal services is a must. This way you can make sure the two services happen simultaneously and are well co-ordinated and planned. With some companies(like us) you can even get a bundle discount when you book them together! After all the price tag is a huge decision making factor.

Organisation Is Key

It’s generally smart to start devising a plan for your relocation a few weeks in advance. This will remove a big chunk of the urgency and stress associated with it. Make a step by step breakdown of it and print it out so you can give copies to the removalists you hired. It will streamline the process and let them know exactly how you want things done. Here are some points to help you plot your house moving easier:

  • Think about how frequently you use certain items. Classifying them this way will help you figure out how and when to pack each.
  • Mind that it’s better to have your bedroom ready before the other rooms, so you can sleep comfortably in case the move takes more than one day.
  • The big things like furniture and carpets should find their place before any of the smaller items like decoration and electronics. Make sure to make them easy to unload.
  • Decide how many people, vehicles, and trips you will need for your move. This is directly linked to the size of the removal job as well as the distance of the relocation.
  • Schedule the end of lease cleaning time in such a way that you don’t have people getting in each other’s way. If you rented the place entirely empty the cleaning is best left for last.
  • Put down a colour system for the boxes and bags so you know easily which goes where. Make sure the removalists are aware of it.

Speaking of colour system:

Various Supplies

When shopping for house moving supplies it’s better to overstock than to understock. We’ve put together a list of everything you may need and divided the items in two categories for your convenience.


  • Moving Mistakes and TipsPackaging – This includes boxes and bags. Make sure to get various sizes of both.

Matt’s Pro Tip: Ask around the shops for excess delivery boxes. They throw them away anyway so you’ll get them for free.

  • Cushioning – Be it bubble wrap, newspaper, styrofoam balls, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you gets lots of it.

Matt’s Pro Tip: Use any soft durable belongings like plush toys, blankets, or even socks as cushioning to save money.

  • Markers – These can be anything from permanent markers to different colours marking tape.

Matt’s Pro Tip: Use a colour coding system instead of writing on the boxes. It’s much faster than having to read handwritten text.

  • Hand Trolley – An invaluable tool for any move.

Matt’s Pro Tip: If you can get your hands on one get a Rotatruck. Rotacaster’s multi-directional wheels are a dream to work with.

  • Tape  Duct tape is generally much more durable than shipping tape, but also much harder to remove.

Matt’s Pro Tip: Always have some painters tape at hand for immediate projects during the move.

  • Unpacking Tools – Box-cutters generally work better than scissors.
  • Ropes – Anything you can tie stuff with, really. Twine, tie-downs, ropes and even zip ties. These are essential for fastening your belongings once you load them to prevent them from shaking too much.

Matt’s Pro Tip: If you get wider tie-downs you can use them as furniture moving belts too, since they are durable and distribute the weight much like the real thing.


  • Plastic Bins – These are awesome for items you can’t quite categorise, and you can reuse them after you are done with your relocation.

Matt’s Pro Tip: Always prepare a plastic bin with important and useful things like wallets, personal documents, sleepover items, medicine, screwdriver, etc. This way you’ll always have them on hand when you need them.

  • Felt Pads – These will be your best friend when moving heavy furniture. No need to lift it, just put the pads under it and slide it across the floor easily without damaging it.
  • Work Gloves – Protect your hands when moving old furniture that might give you splinters or items with the shape or edges of which can cause you pain. Ones with rubberised grip are ideal.
  • Moving Blankets – If you want to ensure your furniture, appliances, and electronics are delivered without a scratch – Wrap ‘em up in cushioned blankets!
  • Cleaning Supplies – Only in the case you haven’t hired professionals for the cleaning part of the move.

Everyone, relax!

There is a lot of pressure on move day, so make sure you don’t escalate things. Take it easy and believe in the plan. If you have organised your move in advance and follow every step, have no doubt that everything will fall into place and the teams that help you will know what to do. Imagine you’re in an 80’s movie montage and have fun, don’t sweat the small stuff. Start the new chapter in your life with a smile!



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