What Makes a Great Lease Cleaner

August 21st, 2015

Recently at Move Out Mates we reflected a lot on what has been done in the past two years, where we are now and how we can continue to grow and improve our work to ensure our future clients are as happy as our previous. That being said, we tried to identify what makes a great tenancy cleaner. Why some people are just better on the job than others and what are the qualities one needs to possess if he/she wants to excel in the cleaning industry? We identified the top six most important qualities each of our lease cleaners needs to posses.

#1 Attention to Details

Attentiveness is the difference between a surface that looks clean and a surface that is actually clean. Experienced and attentive to detail cleaners will clean a surface, because they know there is a world of difference. Everyone knows that fake cleaning does not mean germ cleaning and not everything that looks clean is actually bacteria-free. Our bond cleaners know that too, which is why we have such a great success rate among our clients, nearly all of which got their bond back in full. Their landlords appreciated the fact that we didn’t just try to make something look clean – we cleaned it!

How to Be a Great Cleaner

#2 Consistency

In order to work full-time and advance within the cleaning sector, one needs to be consistent always. Working for a new client is exciting, but impressing them requires a great deal of hard work being delivered consistently nearly every day. Most cleaners give in to temptation to cut corners, but customers and landlords notice that. At Move Out Mates, we have made it our mission to leave each home in a spotless condition and to live up to these expectations like clockwork.

#3 Strong Sense of Discretion

We strongly believe that discretion is one of the most important qualities all great cleaners posses. What we’ve seen on a job, disappears when we wipe it clean. A great cleaner does his job discretely and without snooping in people’s homes when left alone. This is one reason we train all our members of staff how to work with integrity and to treat people’s possessions with respect. We believe that it is utterly unacceptable for a cleaner to tweet or instagram pictures of someone’s messy bed, or their interesting taste in living room furniture.

#4  Excellent Time Management

Efficient cleaners are great timekeepers. They don’t slack on the job and don’t procrastinate, or arrive late. Every great cleaner knows and respects their clients’ time and don’t make them wait, or show up too early unannounced.

What Makes a Great Cleaner

#5 Sense of Humour

Working for a cleaning company is not always the easiest job of all. You need to constantly deliver high results, but the repetitive work you need to do can sometimes get to you. In such cases you need to have a sense of humour to keep a more cheerful mood. In addition, there will inevitably be times during your work as a cleaner that you come across something a little unsavoury. Being able to make a joke, or have a laugh at these things will make your work more enjoyable. Of course, a great cleaner will always do it tastefully and respectfully.

#6 Endurance

You don’t need to be fit like an Olympic athlete, but you need to possess endurance and to be able to sometimes work long hours. Cleaning is not easy. In fact it could be exhausting sometimes and it burns quite a lot of calories. On the bright side you don’t need a gym membership, but you do have to have a certain level of fitness to be able to kneel, climb up, or bend.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay