Planning To Buy a New Mattress? A Definitive Guide to Buying The Perfect One

January 29th, 2021

Experts agree that getting good sleep is one of the best ways to maintain and improve our health. A mattress plays a huge role in your ability to sleep well. Yet, many people overlook its importance and keep using a mattress that fails to provide support and comfort. A well-made mattress is definitely worth it for several health benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of buying a good mattress:

  • Better Quality of Sleep
  • Improved Well-Being
  • Avoid Allergies
  • Stops Snoring
  • Enhanced Memory
  • Maintain a Lean Body
  • Reduce Stress

A new mattress can be a great investment. To make things easier on your bank balance, you can also buy a king size and queen mattress through AfterPay.

With this guide, you will have the knowledge to find a top-performing, comfortable, and supportive mattress that has the right firmness and features that suit your needs and deliver great sleep.

1) Understanding The Mattress Type

If you’re just getting started looking for a new mattress, you’ve probably noticed that there are a plethora of options to choose from. A helpful way to get things started is by thinking about the mattress types. All mattresses can be identified as one of five types

  • Foam: These mattresses are made entirely with foam and no coils. They provide you above-average contouring to the body, pressure relief, and motion isolation. They are a good fit for side sleepers and couples.
  • Innerspring: An innerspring mattress has a coil-based support system and a few other layers. The sleeping surface of an innerspring mattress is bouncier and has limited motion isolation. With a lower price point, they are more popular among budget shoppers.
  • Hybrid: These types of mattresses have two central elements: an innerspring support core and a foam comfort system. Hybrid mattresses provide a blend of bounce and contouring with low heat retention. They can be a good fit for sleepers in any position.
  • Latex: Latex mattresses offer top-notch bounce and durability with moderate contouring. They are also made with natural and organic latex, making them a top pick among eco-conscious shoppers.
  • Airbed: Airbeds are built with an air chamber as a support core. A pump is built into the mattress to add or remove air with the push of a button. Couples prefer airbeds as each side can be set to a different firmness level.

2) The Sleeping Position

Analysing your before and after sleeping position can be a key insight to help you choose a perfect mattress.

For Back Sleepers

Back sleepers have great pressure on their lower back. As a result, back sleepers do best with a medium-firm or firm mattress with light to moderate contouring.

For Side Sleepers

Side sleepers have sharp pressure points where the body is the widest, most notably at the shoulders and hips. Consequently, side sleepers can opt for medium-soft to medium-firm mattresses.

For Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers put the most pressure on the lumbar spine. Using a firm mattress won’t let you feel any hint of suffocation when lying face-down on the mattress.

3) Body Types

Similar to sleeping position, body shape and weight does also influence the choice of buying the best mattress.

  • For people who weigh under 130 pounds, innerspring mattresses tend to be a poor fit. Foam or hybrid beds are also great options.
  • For people between 130 and 230 pounds, foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses are all solid options. They can be selected based on their specific features and designs.
  • For people over 230 pounds, mattresses that are a bit firmer will be good. It will help you avoid the risk of spinal misalignment.

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